Real Name: Charlotte Nicdao (JACKIE)
Birthday: 14th August, 1991

What’re your hobbies?
Grooving and crocheting

Do you play any sports? if so what do you play

Do you have any pets?
My dog, Bon-Bon who is lazy. And until recently my fish, Mr Fish. But he died.

What places in the world have you travelled to?
Hong Kong, Malaysia, The Philippines, North Dakota, Canada, Paris,London, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore, Tasmania

What do you carry in your handbag all the time?
Too much… just too much.

The person you admire the most and why:
This guy:

What do you like about being on Gurls Wurld?
The buffet lunches.

Fave Music group: The Andrea Keller Quartet

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite Movie: Star Wars

Favourite Book: Nineteen-Eighty-Four

Favourite Actress: Marny Kennedy

Favourite Food: Tomatoey Pasta. And Indomie Mi Goreng.

Her Character:
Jackie Lee is a Singaporean; She’s a real a city girl, a good student and very focused in her approach. Conscientious and well organised, living in a huge city like Singapore has made her very much at ease in dealing with crowds, high rises, mass transport systems and the general hustle and bustle of big city life. More than anything else, Jackie loves to dance –especially with her two best friends by her side – and her determination to do well sets the standard for all of them.